PHALEG commands those things which are attributed to Mars, the Prince of Peace. The Magician that has Phaleg’s character will be raised by Phaleg to great honors in affairs of War.

On the day and in the hour of Mars, I call upon Phaleg, the Martian spirit mentioned in the Arbatel.

It is also the 6th day of the 6th month. 6 is the number of the Sephira Geburah in the natural array of the Tree of Life, also called Gra Tree. The pathways are wide open for spirits of this nature.

They want me to draw their sigil in an intense red. I rummage through my pens and find exactly what is needed. I think about my agenda and make a bullet list. I sit down, clear my mind and emotions and draw the sigil of Phaleg, as displayed in the Isagoge of the Arbatel.

As I finish I am greeted with images of sloshing dark red blood. An animating force with a forceful, penetrating voice, and a penetrating presence enters my consciousness. The voice sounds sinister to me, and I get uncertain about whether I am communicating with Phaleg, and only Phaleg. I focus on my four Divine Attributes, mentally call out names of the One God and Phalegs name, and call upon my angels to protect me and drive out all stray spirits and influences. I feel better, but the voice remains. Okay, so that’s just their voice, and I have a conditioned response to this tone of voice. I get more used to it, and it doesn’t sound that sinister anymore.

All throughout our conversation they have this forceful penetrating quality to them. It is a strong energy; not unpleasant but somewhat tiring to me. We discuss my stuff and they are amiable and open. Wise, too. I request and receive a personal sigil.

They are the arrow as it flies towards its target.

They are exceptionally good in matters of protection, and in providing willpower and focus.

Their presence lingers afterwards, and I need to dissipate the energy.

Due to Phaleg’s strong energy signature and the astra-mental concepts associated with Mars I do not recommend this spirit for beginners. Use caution.

Appendix: Why is the Mars aspect attributed to Phaleg called the Prince of Peace?

The author of offers some interesting insights:

Even though very short, it stroke me as interesting that the Arbatel described Phaleg as the ‘Prince of peace’. Rather than associated with peace we find the planet Mars much more often related to the opposing dynamics, i.e. war, dominance, power, juvenility and combat in general.

However, if we take a closer look at the idea of Strength as embodied in the Sephira of Geburah the nature of Phaleg might become more clear. In the Sephira Geburah (as opposed to its Qliphoth Golohab) the idea of strength is a balanced one. It is the strength of a structure or frame that allows the continuously extending forces of the divine (Chesed) to take shape and come into effect. Without the restraining forces of Geburah no creation was possible – as all boundaries, all shapes sleeping, all forms waiting to be embodied would wash away in the limitless presence of the divine. Thus the nature of strength in Geburah is creating a balance between the forces of extension and stability, between matter and life, between continuation and change.

It is in light of this kabbalistic view that the term ‘Prince of peace’ becomes more clear. What this name implies is that once the forces of this Olympic Spirit are applied wisely they become an essential part in creating a synthesis of otherwise opposing forces – a synthesis called peace.

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