Aschmunadai, Ruler of the Earth Zone

In Franz Bardon’s Practice of Magical Evocation, Bardon reveals that Aschmunadai is a spirit with the rank of absolute monarch that is leading the beings of the Earth Zone.

As is the case with a lot of the hermetic spirits, not much information can be found on him on the internet or in books. I would like to remedy this as best as I can, though I must be brief. Continue reading “Aschmunadai, Ruler of the Earth Zone”

Phul, Shield of the Moon


PHUL likes this character:

They transmute all metals into Silver, in word and deed: they steer Lunar matters. They heal swellings from water. They give Water spirits, which manifest in corporeal and visible form (i.e. on the physical plane, BM). They make one live 300 years.

On the day and in the hour of the Moon, I prepare a list of topics to talk about with Phul, the Olympic governor of all things Lunar.

After calling to him in the manner that I outlined in my previous posts, a sensation of flowing enters my consciousness. A reverberating voice talks to me; its points of origin and reflection seem to be in many places at once. Imagine a room with walls like an insect’s eye, where all sounds that you make instantly bounce off a multitude of walls.

They are constantly moving, tending to things. They are the mediator of all things happening on this planet. Subtle but powerful, they are the Great Transmuter.

I ask what their condition at this point in time is. They reply that humanity has huge issues in its relationship to the Divine Feminine. People are out of touch with nature, with their intuition and with rhythm in all its expressions. We poison our waters and the beings dwelling in them, and thereby our emotions and health.

Infused with their nature I feel and make flowing and swaying movements, like a reed in the wind. Dancing and music are Phul’s province.

My conversation with them is somewhat foggy; the answers are clear, but it’s somewhat hard to follow my agenda and clearly separate the topics. Phul just wants one to go with the flow.

I ask for them to show themselves to me. Imagine Phul as a hooded figure in long flowing robes of a dark-bluish color, tinted black by a night sky. You cannot see their face. They are standing on a crenellated heavy stone wall. A thunderstorm is raging, sending a flooding rain through the air, borne on strong gusts of wind. There are multiple moons in the sky above and behind the figure, arranged in the pattern of a horizontal crescent, its apex high in the sky. Leftmost is the new moon, waxing towards the shining full moon in the middle. Rightmost is the next dark moon.

At the end they vanish in a blinding flash of Astral Light.

Thank you for reading. As always, I appreciate your comments and encourage you to have your own personal experience with this spirit.

Please consider doing something to help water creatures and bodies of water.

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Lord Sobek


I’ve always felt drawn towards the Egyptian gods, with Sobek at the top of my list. Somehow the idea of a Crocodile Deity fascinated me. However, I never made any conscious effort to communicate and work with them, besides being inspired. It’s time to change this, starting with Lord Sobek, as I now know they like to be called. Lady Sobek works equally well and accents their lunar aspects of fertility and protection.

Aratron, quiet Omnipresence

The governor ARATRON have in their power those things which they do naturally, that is, in manner and subject the same as those things which in “Astronomy of Grace” (apparently a lost book by Paracelsus, BM) are ascribed to the power of Saturn.

Truly, the things which they perform of their own free will, are,

  1. That they have the power to transmute any thing into stone instantly, either animal or plant, retaining its appearance.
  2. They convert treasures into coals, and coals into treasure.
  3. They give familiars with a specific power.
  4. They teach Alchemy, Magic, and Physics.
  5. They reconcile the subterranean spirits (called Pygmies, probably Gnomes are meant, BM) to men; the hairy men.
  6. They make invisible.
  7. They make the infertile fertile, and give longevity.

They have under them 49 Kings, 42 Princes, 35 Presidents, 28 Dukes, 21 Ministers, standing before them; 14 familiars, seven messengers: they command 36,000 legions of spirits; the number of a legion is 490.

On Saturn’s day and hour, I finally get around to talk to Aratron, the saturnine Governor mentioned in the Arbatel. Continue reading “Aratron, quiet Omnipresence”

Bethor, Ruler of Infinities

BETHOR governs the things ascribed to Jupiter: when called they come quickly. The Magician that is dignified with Bethor’s character, Bethor raises to the highest dignities. Bethor exposes treasures to the Magician. Bethor reconciles the spirits of the Air, who then answer truly. These spirits move things and precious stones from place to place, and they make medicines miraculous in their effects: they also give familiars of the firmament, and they have the power to prolong life to 700 years, if God wills it so.

They have under them 42 Kings, 35 Princes, 28 Dukes, 21 Counsellors, 14 Ministers, 7 Messengers, 29,000 legions of Spirits.

On the day of Jupiter and in the tail-end of the hour of Jupiter, I sat down to talk to Bethor, the Olympic spirit ruling over all things appointed to Jupiter. Continue reading “Bethor, Ruler of Infinities”

Och, Splendor of the Sun

OCH governs solar things; they give 600 years, along with a strong constitution; they bestow wisdom, give most excellent Spirits, teach perfect Medicine: they convert all things into purest gold and precious stones: they give gold, and a purse bringing forth gold. Magicians who are dignified with Och’s Character, Och makes them to be worshipped as a god of the heavens by kings all over the world.

They have under them 36,536 Legions: alone they manage everything: and all their spirits serve them throughout the centuries.

On Sunday in the hour of the Sun, I am inviting the Olympic spirit of Och to talk to me.
Continue reading “Och, Splendor of the Sun”