Channeled messages can be defined generally as a phenomenon where a human being connects to a particular portion of the one self, and “brings down” its essence through the mental and astral planes, resulting in word and action on the physical plane.

This is a natural ability of every human being (and everything else in existence), and even “ordinary” humans do it all the time. Life on the physical plane, after all, is the end result of what happens on the higher planes.

The most popular specialized definition of this process nowadays came into being during the Theosophic movement led by Madame Blavatsky. Mediums would, often on a public or semi-public stage, get into trance and relay spoken messages from “entities”, often purported as the voices of dead people. It was followed by such popular writings as that of Aleister Crowley channeling a being named Aiwaz (also spelled Aiwass), resulting in the”Bible of Thelema”, Liber Al Vel Legis.

Over the last decades, we have seen a massive increase in the creation and distribution of channeled messages, such as the Law of One series or Cassiopeia. We can identify several chief reasons for this increase. First, the veil between the spiritual and physical is getting thinner. Second, spiritual practices become more widespread. These two reasons enable more people to receive messages. In addition, distribution of messages is aided by the fact that humanity is better connected than ever through the Internet.

Web sites such as and collect many of these messages, from a variety of beings and channels.

I have observed that many readers of these messages, untrained in magical disciplines, are ill-prepared to deal with their content. In fact, many of us seem to be completely bewitched by these messages and take them for absolute truth. I think we see the same mechanism at hand that occurs when somebody pulls out fancy certificates, titles and other credentials. They become an authority, and people naturally assume they must be right in everything they say. Heck, even soccer players and other celebrities are regularly asked for political commentary, and many people follow their lead without question.

So we have mysterious beings producing written or spoken messages through a process that most people can’t even begin to understand. A sure-fire recipe for building a cult following, right?

Alas, spirits (and deities) are, in a way, “just people”. They have opinions and beliefs, they can’t predict the future with 100% certainty, and many of them don’t understand the physical plane and human life very well. And let’s not forget that every channeling is also colored by the psyche and conditioning of the channel itself, further changing the message.

This doesn’t mean that all of these messages are to be dismissed. Some offer valuable information about future timelines. Others present ethical and moral counsel to better one’s character. Still others help us advance our spiritual practices. Many benefits can be had.

But just as in every profession, there are experienced and talented channels that are great and pure, and channels that still need to learn how to get better at their craft. And the latter’s channeled messages are often adulterated by their own strong conditioning and beliefs.

Seek caution, and apply discernment. If your next door neighbor or a guy on the street is telling you things, you might question them thoroughly first, right? Same here. Go within, and see if you can truly resonate with a message or not, and whether that resonance is really genuine or just a result of outdated conditioning.

Finally, let’s remember the classic New Age quote: “Just because they’re dead, doesn’t mean they’re smart”.

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