New Telegram group for True Wealth Magic

Ok folks.

When it comes to Wealth and Abundance, there are lots of cries for help, here and elsewhere. Frustration and confusion abound, on a collective and individual level.

We also have what I consider lots of misinformation, or incomplete information, on the subject. For example, if Law of Attraction (Abraham Hicks, The Secret, etc.) is both simple and effective, why does it not work for most people? Likewise, if generosity is the basis for abundance, why do you end up being poor at the end of the month after giving tips and donations generously?

I’ve studied this topic for years now, and though I’m still not a millionaire, I believe that by now I have some fresh ideas to share. Today, I felt inspired to create a new invite-only Telegram group for discussing new information on the subject of Wealth and Abundance.

However, this is not your typical “teaching” group where I sell my half-baked, or plainly fraudulent guru ideas, for dosh. If you are reading this, you are already past the stage where you want to exchange your free will and possessions for being victimized.

Instead, this group is designed to be a collaborative effort. People helping each other.

Interested in new insights? Have burning questions on the subject? We would love to have you!

Invite link:


Magical Apprenticeship

Nowadays a lot of students of the art are learning from books, or they become member of an organization where they receive semi-tailored advice (if they’re lucky).

I believe that every student is different in a number of ways, so I’m now offering a traditional one-to-one magical apprenticeship (which can also be face-to-face at times). I have strong ties to Franz Bardon’s system of the Western Hermetic Mysteries, but I’m an eclectic at heart and I’m able to work with initiatory spirits from a variety of different traditions and systems.

If this sounds interesting to you, and you have a sincere wish to accelerate your spiritual development, I highly encourage you to contact me. I am also perfectly able to work with women, as I have a strong feminine side. And don’t worry, we’re not quite gonna look like the dudes in the picture — unless you want to. 😉

The following is a letter I sent out to a prospective student. It is a highly individualized plan, tailored towards the natal chart and personality of the student, as well as their goals. Before crafting their lesson, I dived deep into their birth chart, and we conversed by email and video conference.

Lesson 1

Here are my ideas for you starting out. This covers a period of 4 weeks from now, from Sat, August 10th to Sat, September 7th.

The overarching theme of this time period is for you to work on your habits, as this forms the basis of your continued progress and our work together.

The work starts and ends on a Saturday. Saturday is the day of Saturn, which is a very good planet for establishing and keeping habits. Saturn is also associated with the image of a container; in the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, it is the path between Kether and Tiphareth, where the great unbounded Light takes on form in a bounded individual container, the Mental Self.

So here Saturn brackets your efforts in time and gives them structure. As such, it could be called the Guardian Angel of your efforts.

Exercise 1. Subconscious re-programming.

This is an exercise mentioned by Bardon in Step 2. It is very simple and very powerful at the same time.

Every morning before getting up, and every night before falling asleep, repeat affirmations that help you to establish healthy habits in the subconscious part of your Mental Body. From there, they will quickly crystallize into Astral form, and then affect your daily life.

Here’s a good list:

You can either go through the whole list every time, pick your favorites, or limit it to a small number. I would suggest to pick 10 that resonate the most and then use these.

It also pays to meditate on them throughout the day (or just read them and say them aloud or in your mind as you would in bed).

Make small steps. On Saturday, do these four things only (4 is the number of stability):

1. Read through the list that I linked and mark the affirmations that stand out the most for you.
2. Collect these into a document you can print, e.g. on Google Docs.
3. Print it and put it on your bedside table, or on your pillow for later.
4. After getting into bed, read through them as many times as it feels good, but at least once.

On Sunday, you only do one of these things, twice, i.e. #4 in the morning and evening. Every step completed will be a small victory, and ideally you should reward yourself in a small way. This can be as simple as saying to yourself aloud or in your mind, “Wow! I did great!” 🙂 This will help you strengthen your self-love as well.

Every day I recommend that you pray to Saturn to help you. It doesn’t need to be fancy or long. Ideally, speak words from your heart, uncensored. It could just be one sentence, e.g. “Saturn, I call on you to please help me following through with my new habits.”.

Exercise 2. Keeping a Journal.

Buy a blank journal that you like. Back when I kept journals, I liked Leuchtturm 1917 a lot. A lot of people love Moleskine. However, it could be any bound blank book that you like (or that fits your budget!). While it is a good idea to consecrate a journal used for magical work, we will not do so at this time to avoid overloading your schedule and cognition. This journal will become the home for any notes you have regarding your magical work. Many people prefer to keep “mundane” journal entries separately in another journal, but I have always combined both, so do what you like. Keep it together with a suitable pen. Preface any entries with the date; later on, note down any conditions that you find helpful next to the date, e.g. the sign of the Moon or the weather. Don’t worry about form, the content is the most important thing.

In particular, note down any negative thoughts that occurred to you during the day. It could be thoughts about a gap in orderliness, or a feeling of guilt about what society likes to call “procrastination”.

If you miss an entry, make it a habit to not feel guilty. Do not try to do it later unless you feel a strong urge to do so. Instead, just skip it and make a mental note to not forget it or slack next time.

Exercise 3. Dream Divination, assisted by Astrology. Also, on Mercury and planetary hours.

1. Prep work

Wednesday is the day of Mercury. This planet is analogous, among other things, to thinking and research.

Perform these steps on the first Wednesday in the exercise period (August 14th).

Optional condition: Ideally perform these steps in the Hour of Mercury as well. The first hour of Mercury starts at Sunrise on Wednesday. You can find the other planetary hours for your location, as well as their duration with this tool: . Make sure to use the correct location, as it defaults to London.

Find out the times when the Moon will be in a Water Sign. Use the internet to find out about water signs, if you need to. Then, get familiar with the tool at Make sure you select the correct timezone. In your journal, carefully note down the dates and times.

Optional: Also, try to find out, using Planetwatcher, at what time the Moon will be at the same position as (“conjunct”) your natal Neptune; that is, at the 24th degree of the Sign of Capricorn. The 24th degree of a sign is between 23 degrees and 0 minutes and 23 degrees, 59 arc-minutes and 59 arc-seconds. Note down this point in time in your journal as well.

These are auspicious times for a petition to the Moon for help with Dream Magic. The Moon and Neptune, as well as the Water element, rule dreams.

At these dates and times, ask the Moon and Neptune to help you to receive clear answers in your dreams, to any questions asked before falling asleep. Also ask them to help you remember the answers given. Listen for an answer in your heart, but don’t expect anything. It is perfectly well enough to just send out this petition.

2. Dream Divination

On the same days as you sent out the petition (as just explained), ask a question before falling asleep, and ask to receive the answer in your dreams that night. Remind yourself that you are going to recognize and remember the answer the next morning. The first time, the question should be along the lines of “What is the best way to improve my ability to establish and keep new habits?”. The other times I will leave it up to your discretion (or subject to further discussion between us, as you deem necessary).

Keep your journal handy by your bedside. In the morning, after waking up (and if you wake up at night as well), immediately turn on the light and write down everything that you remember about your dreams that night. Try not to interpret or censor anything. Don’t pay attention to form. Just write it down.

Later, after breakfast, review your notes and meditate on the answers. This meditation should happen in any position that feels comfortable to you. It could be sitting on a chair or lying on your bed or couch. Do not combine this with caffeine or any other mind-altering substances, if you can. It need not take long; try to feel out the point when it should end. Feeling bored can be a good indicator that it’s time to stop and do something else. Write down any findings in your journal. Try to follow any advice given, and give thanks to the Moon and Neptune for granting you these answers (just say “Thank you, Moon, thank you, Neptune, for sending me these answers in my dreams.”).

Closing Notes.

If something worries you or seems unusual during performing these exercises, note it down in your journal and talk to me.

As these beginning steps are crucial, let’s have another call around 1 week in. You can send me emails any time before that, of course.

Any questions before Saturday, let me know as well.

I am praying for your success in all these endeavours. 🙂