Mundane astrology chart of Bangkok

Mundane astrology chart of Bangkok, merger with Thonburi 1971-12-20

I’m just putting this out there, as a quick search didn’t yield any mundane chart of Bangkok for me, so I did some research.

This chart is based on the time and date when the city of Thonburi was merged into Bangkok, forming what we know today as Bangkok, or Krung Thep Maha Nakhon in Thai. Note that the name Bangkok goes back to the 15th century or even earlier.

I have found this chart to be accurate from a personal perspective. No rectification work has gone into this, and neither have I bothered to set the chart to 12pm Bangkok time (which is customary for mundane astrology charts without a known time).

In particular, note that the Moon might have been either in late Capricorn, separating from a conjunction with Venus, or in early Aquarius, conjoining the North Node.


Saturn conjunct Chiron: Grounding the Pain

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The influence of Saturn on Chiron by conjunction, where a person’s Saturn activates another persons natal Chiron, grounds your worst pains. Only by Saturn’s constricting force can we contain our awareness before focusing it on a pocket of pain in us, and this combination boosts this process considerably. From this perspective, this is a highly beneficial aspects, allowing us to “tune into” the pain, by crystallizing a resonant vibration within ourselves. This pain is Chironic pain, meaning we are pre-destined by our life plan to work with this particular type of pain and, after mastering and transmuting it, providing the powerful healing that only a person can provide that is intimately familiar with this kind of pain.  So we get a chance here to fulfill that destiny.

Then, what previously was free-wheeling rogue energy in your unconscious mind and heart becomes known, becomes ready for transmutation into consciously directed life energy, available at our disposal. After this grounding, the energy will become “unstuck” at first. Then process of it moving through the bodies is initiated and, unless willfully resisted (which I do not recommend) will take its course and activate blockages on its way for resolution and, thus, dissolution. This means that after the initial Saturn-Chiron hit, the following weeks and months can be a period of extreme healing. Pain will become power, provided you are open to the experience and take the tools that are given. When the pain comes, try not to resist it and just stay with it in Love and silent Awareness. It is, after all, just a part of the energy field of your body that is associated with past conditioning.

There are many other ways to work through this process of resolving Chironic pain and arrive at a similar result, but this one is the way of Saturn applied Chiron.

If you have any questions  regarding this transit, please write to me.

Note: The next time that transiting Saturn will conjoin transiting Chiron will be in June 2028, a long way off. It will be on the 7th degree of Taurus.

Uranus in Taurus: Divine Love in Practical Ways

Inner courtyard of a generous white-walled mansion with lush greenery. The sun is shining.

Just be Love. Just let the Light flow through you. Find your inner purpose. Enter the 5th dimension. Nothing else is needed.

And so on.

Sentences like these abound in channeled messages. And that’s fine and dandy, and it definitely has its point and purpose. But what the beings behind these messages, many of whom have never incarnated on this planet, often don’t seem to understand, is that we earth-walkers have bodies to feed (often not just our own!) and bills to pay. And that, for 99.99% of people, this is a major challenge. Let’s talk about this and see how Uranus in Taurus fits into it.

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Devotional practices based on audiovisuals

Chanting mantras can be really tedious. I don’t do it very often. There’s value in the tedium of chanting mantras too of course, as it calms the mind and forces you to face any thoughts and feelings of boredom and thus also strengthens your willpower and awareness. But there’s a time and place for everything, so I am introducing to you here a different practice of working with mantras to connect with spirits and deities. Continue reading “Devotional practices based on audiovisuals”

Negative feelings working with Lord Shiva

Here’s a question by user “Viidyut” on, 17 July 2019, concerning negative feelings that came up after starting to work with Lord Shiva. I figure that his question and my answer might be relevant to other people as well:

Hello folks, I have a small problem and honestly I could use some expert advice.

So, I used to be a regular smoker before(5cigarettes a day). I used to smoke every day no matter what. I recently overcame a major health related complication(intestinal ulcer failing to clot because of medicine I’m using in over dose, because of bad advice from an incompetent doctor leading to massive hemorrhage that I miraculously survived)

I started working with God shiva during this time(mostly chatting, working in imagination), I promised that I will change my lifestyle, lead a healthier life and quit smoking. Which I did for one month, then I had a craving and smoked. I was overcome with guilt for breaking my word, apologized, promised to the god I will quit for good this time and smoked again, full of shame. This happened twice more before I realized I can’t really quit cold turkey.

The problem is, every single time, I felt the connection I had with God fading, until it suddenly disappeared yesterday compeltly, Its like there is a block preventing me from reaching out to Shiva. 

Also, I developed existential crisis, my entire confidence crumbled in a single night and I developed depression(not related to God though, I’m having these thoughts about worthlessnesswhich suddenly started pooing up). 

What should I do? Any advice is appreciated, I’m kinda honestly lost.

Edit: also, I want to point, I used to meditate on shiva as a formless force of creation, considering it my own way of attaining HGA.

Some thoughts. You’ve mentioned shame and guilt. “Negative” thoughts and feelings like this can easily block spiritual connections and sabotage works. Accept them as a part of your now-self, in a neutral manner (they are basically just an energy in your body), then move on to changing your reactions. It’s okay to fail sometimes. A good spirit or god will continue to work with you if you desire so.

These thoughts and feelings are a sign that you are making great evolutionary leaps. They’ve been there before, but it was probably Lord Shiva himself that granted you awareness of them. Which means that for now they are very present and powerful in your consciousness. This is natural, and after you have done the work of acceptance you will be able to access powers in you that had been blocked in the past.

Relax, stop judging yourself and ask Lord Shiva to show you a different way than cold turkey. He is still there, you just cannot perceive him as well as at other times. Spend time in silent devotion. Light some candles, speak some prayers, build an altar, get a pendant or something so you can strengthen your connection.

The Lord of Hosts

The following is a short meditation on a concept which, like many others, hasn’t been illuminated very well.

In the Jewish tradition of Kabbalah, a common epithet of IHVH, the One God, is “Tzabaoth”, or “IHVH Tzabaoth” in full. Roughly translated, it means “Lord of Hosts”.

Interestingly, we also find a similar concept in Hinduism: Lord Ganesh is the king of all spirits, and thus also called “King of Hosts”.

But what does it mean to rule over hosts, in a spiritual context? Continue reading “The Lord of Hosts”

Making an image in talismanic operations

2c4de8264f90636f9b80bb1ca91408f3In traditional treatises of talismanic magic, the concept of creating an “image” is ubiquitous. Here’s an example from Agrippa.

From the operations of Mars they made an Image in the hour of Mars, Mars being in the second face of Aries, in a Martial stone, especially in a Diamond; The form of which was a man armed, riding upon a Lyon, having in his right hand a naked sword erected, carrying in his left hand the head of a man; they report, that an Image of this kind rendreth a man powerfull in good and evill, so that he shall be feared of all; and whosoever carryeth it they give him the power of enchantment, so that he shall terrifie men by his looks when he is angry, and stupifie them;

–“Of the Images of the Planets”. In: Cornelius Agrippa, Three Books of Occult Philosophy

But what does it mean to “make an image“? As most things in occult literature, there are multiple layers of meaning to unravel. Continue reading “Making an image in talismanic operations”