I’ve always felt drawn towards the Egyptian gods, with Sobek at the top of my list. Somehow the idea of a Crocodile Deity fascinated me. However, I never made any conscious effort to communicate and work with them, besides being inspired. It’s time to change this, starting with Lord Sobek, as I now know they like to be called. Lady Sobek works equally well and accents their lunar aspects of fertility and protection.

First I’d like to give the stage to my esteemed colleague, The Warlord King, who apparently is a friend of Sobek:

I have found it more fruitful to approach the gods in a more simple way, just by devotion and looking at their function, rather than trough theology. For example the Great God Sobek, that we discussed in another thread, is basically a Crocodile God. But was is a Crocodile God, and how could one such be beneficial to human worshippers? Well, look at those animals and how take great care of their youth, big crocodile carrying tiny little crocodile in its mouth with tenderness and love, and is some threat approaching the nest, the small crocodiles start to squeak, and soon that big monstrous animal come to their rescue. So if we need Lord Sobek’s help, let’s imagine we are crocodile whelps, crying out for Big Daddy Croc – and He will surely come!


(see Studio Arcanis thread)

Now on to my actual astral evocation of Sobek.

I print out the image above in color on glossy photo paper. Besides having it serve as a meditative anchor for the evocation, I am planning to frame it and hang it on my wall.

I’ve gotten used to doing these evocation works on my balcony in a comfy deck chair, listening to the birds and the wind and feeling the Sun. But the weather today is just not suitable, so I spread out a light green blanket in my living room and lie down to relax. I call out their name a couple of times and make contact.

A crocodile stares into my face, mouth agape, in a fiercely threatening gesture. It’s so close that I don’t even see the rest of its body. I see lots and lots of sharp teeth, and very intelligent and, yes, fiercely nurturing, eyes. Sobek can be strange to us indeed at first, combining Lunar and Martian aspects, energies that are often at odds with each other. Mars in Cancer comes to mind, and the Moon in Scorpio.

I feel out their energies and say hello. We confirm our friendship in no time, and I shift my focus from clairvoyant to clairaudient perception.

Lady Sobek is very happy to be contacted. She tells me that she used to be one of the strongest and most popular goddesses in Ancient Egypt. She is associated with water, especially rivers, especially rivers in tropical zones (them being a habitate for crocodiles), especially the Nile. People prayed to them for fertility, strength and protection. Nowadays only a couple of pagans and witches worship her. She is grateful for my offer to spread the word about her some more.

I am infused with knowledge of the miracle of crocodiles and humans living together in a surprising amount of harmony. One of her original purposes was to facilitate this.

Lady Sobek gives quick reactions, sharp instincts, and trust in those. She is a fierce and zealous protector of homes and loved persons, and a friend to humans who care for the animal kingdom. She is closely linked to the river Nile and is happy to act as its proxy deity. She bestows a better understanding of nature and wild beasts. She is a faithful companion and knows a lot about love.

I’d love to hear about your experiences. There are no specific requirements to contact Lady Sobek, apart from a sincere heart and the wish to be friends with her.

The image was made by Jeff Dahl.

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