The governor ARATRON have in their power those things which they do naturally, that is, in manner and subject the same as those things which in “Astronomy of Grace” (apparently a lost book by Paracelsus, BM) are ascribed to the power of Saturn.

Truly, the things which they perform of their own free will, are,

  1. That they have the power to transmute any thing into stone instantly, either animal or plant, retaining its appearance.
  2. They convert treasures into coals, and coals into treasure.
  3. They give familiars with a specific power.
  4. They teach Alchemy, Magic, and Physics.
  5. They reconcile the subterranean spirits (called Pygmies, probably Gnomes are meant, BM) to men; the hairy men.
  6. They make invisible.
  7. They make the infertile fertile, and give longevity.

They have under them 49 Kings, 42 Princes, 35 Presidents, 28 Dukes, 21 Ministers, standing before them; 14 familiars, seven messengers: they command 36,000 legions of spirits; the number of a legion is 490.

On Saturn’s day and hour, I finally get around to talk to Aratron, the saturnine Governor mentioned in the Arbatel.

I make a list of what to talk about, light a small stick of Frankincense and sit down.

I draw their sigil, and nothing happens. Note that with my other astra-mental evocations of the planetary spirits of the Arbatel so far (Ophiel, Hagith, Bethor, Och) contact was established pretty much immediately as I made the last stroke. So this is different.

I focus on the drawn sigil intently and call out their name mentally. Now we have contact, and I am greeted with a chanting of a sound like the Indian AUM. I listen and perceive.

Then there is a change in the conversation, and we start talking. They have a very “dry” voice, more like a loud whisper with a small quantity of vocal chord vibration added. Also very quiet, one has to be still and strain to listen. Very magnetic all in all: in perceiving you have to come to them, they do not reach out to you (much).

They are everywhere to infinity, above and below. I’ve given Bethor the epithet “Ruler of Infinities”. They both are, but in very different ways. Bethor is all about expansion, generating infinity so to speak. Aratron is about maintenance, inhabiting the expanded creation of Bethor as Aratron inhabited the creation prior to its expansion. Aratron is and remains a natural part of whatever is being expanded. In this Aratron is very much linked to the Akasha principle.

We discuss my agenda. Aratron is efficient and very business-like. One thing after the other, methodically, no pleasantries needed (Capricorn’s square to Libra). With one of the topics they want to give specific answers in our conversation, but it doesn’t work for me because my clairaudient abilities are insufficient. I ask them to inspire me suitably instead in the days to come.

Some pointers:

  1. They give familiars for protection and other purposes, but only if they are being called upon somewhat regularly. It’s about an ongoing relationship.
  2. They specialize in career and vocational work (among other things of course, this is just one area of specialty).
  3. I have the feeling that Aratron mostly represents the earthy Capricorn side of Saturn.

It is my sincere hope that this report and my others encourage you to get into touch with the planetary spirits of the Arbatel.:)

In this and in all other things that you endeavour I wish you all the best.

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