Chanting mantras can be really tedious. I don’t do it very often. There’s value in the tedium of chanting mantras too of course, as it calms the mind and forces you to face any thoughts and feelings of boredom and thus also strengthens your willpower and awareness. But there’s a time and place for everything, so I am introducing to you here a different practice of working with mantras to connect with spirits and deities.

I love working with videos and audios of chanting, and other kinds of inspirational songs. These often come with stunning visuals as well.

Here’s one of my favorites, for Lord Ganesh:

Try putting it on repeat in your home for 3 days straight, to fill it with the god’s vibrations. I used a pair of inexpensive USB speakers (Logitech Z120) hooked up to a USB mobile charger, along with an old cellphone with audio playing capabilities, and put up a charged Yantra of Ganesh next to it. It had amazing effects.

Another way I like to use videos like these is to smoke some Cannabis (that part is optional, but it makes it a lot more intense and powerful), and then just watch and listen intently in a comfy chair or on your bed, connecting with the god’s essence and merging with it.

Here are some more favorites of mine.

Guan Yin (or Kwan Yin)

Guan Yin is an ancient and very powerful Asian goddess. A central component of this video is her “Thousand Hands” form, symbolizing supreme power over time, space and consciousness.


A famous Buddhist spirit of compassion. Call on this spirit to instill compassion and calm in yourself and others.

Goddess Lakshmi

One of the most popular Hindu deities, Lakshmi bestows Success and Wealth to her devotees. Proper devotional practice of her will ensure that you will never suffer any major lack in your life.

Notice the elephants in the video giving you her Abhisheka at the end of every stanza.

Lord Kuber Ashtalaxmi

Lord Kuber, or Kubera, is a subordinate spirit of Lakshmi who is also a student of Shiva. He is associated with attaining wealth and abundance through cultivating Divine thoughts and feelings of Supreme Abundance

Some artists (painters, singers and video artists alike) really manage to capture the essence of spirits exceptionally well.

Let’s make use of it! 🙂

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