Inner courtyard of a generous white-walled mansion with lush greenery. The sun is shining.

Just be Love. Just let the Light flow through you. Find your inner purpose. Enter the 5th dimension. Nothing else is needed.

And so on.

Sentences like these abound in channeled messages. And that’s fine and dandy, and it definitely has its point and purpose. But what the beings behind these messages, many of whom have never incarnated on this planet, often don’t seem to understand, is that we earth-walkers have bodies to feed (often not just our own!) and bills to pay. And that, for 99.99% of people, this is a major challenge. Let’s talk about this and see how Uranus in Taurus fits into it.

And I haven’t even touched upon things like not being able to afford “fun” activities, either because you have to work your ass off at your three jobs and have no energy or time left (or often just one job is enough to make you feel spent!), or because the fun activities you’d like to do just don’t fit into your budget (fancy sports car or boat cruise anyone?). Or, worst, all of the above. Follow your passion. Sure dude, I’m trying to, but how? That “how” is at the center of this post. A very practical consideration.

While all of this might become effortless in a couple of years on the New Earth, right now people still have to balance their life in the third dimension with their higher-dimensional inner work. Often enough I’ve read or heard from people who, at least as far as their job is concerned, “followed their passion” (e.g. switched from engineer to artist) and yes, things somewhat worked out for them but — surprise! — their budget is even tighter now. It’s not like their lives suddenly became 100% bliss, and especially not in material ways.

The wisdom of the Earth signs, much of which has to do with practicality and necessity, is being largely neglected by such a path. And I will not blame our “Light and Love” friends for that; after all like I said, many of them are just not aware of the intricacies and challenges of “life down here”. And think about it, that’s why they sent what they often call a “ground crew”, right? To integrate these higher energies, bit by every little bit. It’s the heavy lifting that lightworkers are doing, and it’s related to the “Earth” part of “Heaven on Earth”. This is the realization that Uranus in Taurus brings us at this time. Taurus is about Divine Love being channeled into practical ways and daily life, and these aspects of Nova Gaia are due for a major overhaul. Banking, housing, agriculture, nature, animals, money.

We will have to approach this from multiple angles. First and foremost, we have to tell our higher-dimensional guides and allies that they need to start considering this issue. All inventions, inspiration and divine blueprints go through beings like them before they arrive here on Earth in people’s minds, so if they are not aware of a particular need, chances are it will not be reflected in any of that. And please, don’t hold back. Don’t just ask for “being able to make ends meet” or “become debt-free”. Go wild! There’s nothing wrong with mansions and culinary abundance (or whatever floats your boat), despite all that some self-styled “spiritual masters” might want to make you believe. Ask for every being on this world to have housing of their choice, in any one or more locations they desire, to have food and drink in abundance and variety every day, and everything else that comes to mind that human beings might desire for their sustenance and material side of happiness.

For many of us, this also means replacing feelings of greed and envy with feelings of abundance, material security, and goodwill. If every time you see a sports car you think “Rich bastard, what did he ever do to deserve this?”, it’s gonna get a lot harder for you (and the rest of us) to bring something like this into our lives, because all you emit is resistance. Think instead “Oh, that looks fancy, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to drive this every day?” (or you might even think “Oh, that’s a cool car but not exactly the one I want, I’d rather have …”). This is a very important point. Yes, many rich people might behave like assholes or might exhibit bad taste, but that’s true for poor people as well. Rich or not, they’re only human, just with bigger numbers associated with their bank account, plus some fancy papers so they can tell everyone that they have our society’s permission to “possess” some things. That’s all.

So let’s get rid of false ideals of asceticism (and, while we’re at it, false ideals of what it means to be a “spiritual” person in general), let’s work on transmuting our negativity into positive passion and attraction, and let’s raise our voices to our guides so they know where they have a gap in understanding.

Let’s start honoring the teachings of Uranus in Taurus. This is a big part of it.


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