In the past 12 months, Jupiter’s stay in harmonious, relationship-oriented Libra has helped us realize our connectedness and need for harmony. Now, in the sign
of the Scorpion, he’s going to take us on an intense ride.

What we leave behind: Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth, entered peace-loving Libra last year on 9 September 2016. From there he greased our social wheels considerably, allowing us to hone our people skills with ease and bringing new friends and acquaintances into our lives.

His graceful presence in the sign of the scales was somewhat disturbed by squares to power-hungry Pluto in Capricorn and an opposition to head rebel Uranus in Aries. Geopolitical manifestations of these patterns include the budding love affair between Bayer and Monsanto, uneasy truces (Brexit/EU, Yemen, Syria, North Korea/US, US/Russia and many more) and the ever-increasing division of the people by mass media, so-called democracy and the powers behind them.

On a more personal level, we experienced largely the same: existing conflicts were smoothed over as nicely as possible, only erupting every now and then, and emerging conflicts kept at bay.

You might say that some conflicts still turned out to be pretty bad. Let’s keep in mind though that without Jupiter in Libra, all of those would have turned out much, much worse. Bolstering the forces of diplomacy, and sometimes simply the lethargy of indecision, Greater Benefic Jupiter was busy working behind the scenes to limit the damage done.

But Jupiter’s stay in Libra also kept many matters of burning importance buried under a merciful blanket of harmony. This has its downsides too, as poisonous waters were simply left beneath the surface to become ever more toxic.

With Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio on 10 October 2017, the world is in for dramatic changes.

Knees-deep in the muck: Jupiter in the sign of the Scorpion

Where Jupiter in Libra steered the iceberg carefully with only minor collisions, Jupiter in Scorpio will make us put on the X-ray goggles and employ the magnification rays, all to see the 90% of the ice that are below the surface. It will be very hard to remain in a state of denial about our affairs, both on a geopolitical level as well as in our
personal lives.

Scorpio is the sign of the reality behind appearances, and of the spiritual in the material. During his time in Scorpio, Jupiter will increase the powers of this sign considerably, attempting to bring out all the affairs he so diligently tried to hide while he stayed in Libra. Tensions will erupt, smoldering conflicts will flare up and we will be faced with big scandals, new and known before. There is a spirit group in early Scorpio that rules
everything concerning children. We can thus expect a renewed interest in the hushed-over Pizzagate affair, or the surfacing of other pedophile scandals.

Here’s a good and also entertaining mind map illustrating the connections between events, places and persons (click to enlarge):

Naturally, in the end it is up to the investigators to determine how fruitful their efforts will turn out to be, and how visible their results will be to the general public. But with Jupiter in Scorpio the public at large will definitely be more receptive, and the investigations are favored to go very deep. The end of October sees Jupiter channeling the zodiacal spirit collectives of ADAE (also called ADON), emphasizing matters of family and children.

Another transit that will help investigators of all sorts will be Mercury’s ingress into tropical Scorpio around October 17th, followed by a conjunction with Jupiter soon after. Mercury in Scorpio is the prototypical private dick, the detective, the fringe theorist, tinging all our thinking with audacity and an otherworldly sense.

The Sun will follow Mercury and Jupiter into Scorpio around October 23rd, conjoining Jupiter on the 26th, serving to illuminate and radiate whatever findings were excavated to this point.

Planetary bodies and lights in Scorpio will be ruled by Mars, especially in the first ten degrees. This means they will look to Mars for instruction and guidance. Mars is currently in Virgo, giving attention to detail and cleanliness. October 22nd sees Mars enter Libra. Mars is weak in Libra and will have the focus of investigations and deep perception shift from super-diligent and meticulous investigation to networking and collaboration, and will make Mars wield his tongue as prime weapon of choice.

The October timeline at a glance:

  • 10 October: Jupiter enters Scorpio
  • 17 October: Mercury enters Scorpio
  • 18 October: Mercury conjunct Jupiter
  • 23 October: Sun enters Scorpio
  • 26 October: Sun conjunct Jupiter

Spiritual pursuits and ascension work

All these planets and lights in Scorpio are excellent for occult workers and favor spiritual ascendance. They help us to find the spiritual in the material, aid in emotional transmutation and support us in pushing through conditioning, irrelevant of its sources (those could be biological or societal, or carried over from past lives).
It’s an excellent time for cutting through the bullshit that surrounds us. It’s also very good for martial artists, as long as they work consciously with energy and intuition.

Expect an increased sense of smell and an elevation of the power of scents. Also an increase in sex drive, which can quickly lead to sexual adventures.

The planets don’t judge, so there will also be fostering of intrigue and a boosting of subconscious manipulation. Poisonous pockets in swampy waters will come to the surface and enters our sensitive noses.

Spirits of the Earth Zone

The first 5 degrees of Scorpio are associated with 5 spirit collectives of the Earth Zone, one per degree. Their names are ALUPH, SCHALUAH, HASPERIM, ADAE and HELMIS. I have contacted them and asked them what main goals for this Jupiter transit they are willing to share with the world. This is the result:

Jupiter/ALUPH (1 Sco): how to channel our intentional energy impulses, especially but not exclusively in the emotional realm, to best effect. An image of interconnected pipes, like a multi-dimensional maze, where our electric energies find the best way to get to a certain point (our goal). An image of magnets steering an electron beam, representing the magnetic part of manifestation, giving form to the electric will.

Jupiter/SCHALUAH (2 Sco): one or more break-through opportunities for electric vehicles. A push for free or cheap energy that is part of a grander scheme that this genius is working on (so this step might well be invisible to the public eye).

Jupiter/HASPERIM (3 Sco) intends to bring floods to make people realize their true power and solidarity.

Jupiter/ADAE (4 Sco) will put the spotlight on children, making them more brazen and outspoken, to show us how we are meant to be without conditioning and fear.

Jupiter/HELMIS (5 Sco): cheese diets. For occult workers here’s a chance to learn about the effects different cheeses have, and what their elemental composition is. A boost for the “real cheese” movement.

Please keep in mind that these are their stated goals they wish to share. They have other many other goals and tasks besides those stated, and there are no guarantees that their actions will have a certain effect. Effects might not be perceivable or might be delayed.

For more information on these spirits, see Franz Bardon’s book “The Practice of Magical Evocation”.


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