Dear friends,

today is the day of the Great American Solar Eclipse. Much has been said about this eclipse by astrologers, astronomers and all sorts of folk, and I won’t repeat any of it here.

Instead I want to share with you two videos of total solar eclipses (2010 and 2016) that have made a deep impression on me:

This is a pretty popular one, although I didn’t know of it until a couple of days ago.

It’s special in that it is a video of a solar eclipse shot above the clouds, from the window of an airplane.

Also, the man filming and commenting does a very good job of transporting the astral energy he received. Most people just perceive this as funny or annoying. I suggest going deeper than this.

The Sun and Moon form an eye in the sky, gazing directly into your heart and soul and awakening powerful energies in your consciousness, if you let them.

Here I like the parts best where the so-called Diamond Ring appears (1:41 and 6:26 minutes in), a cross of light flashing from the border of the Sun/Moon. It’s a testimony to the immense majesty, power and unity of all consciousness and creation.

I hope these videos will touch you in a similarly deep way as they touched me.

Aside from watching the videos, look at the eclipse outside, if possible (use special glasses to protect your eyes!). If that is not possible, look at a (live) video of it. If that is not possible either, visualize it.

Either way try to connect to it and communicate with it. It has a lot to say, and so have you, and looking at it with this knowledge will facilitate an exchange of information that is a high blessing for everyone involved.

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