To me there is nothing fancy or vague about the term “Transmutation” or its meaning. The term has a Latin origin which roughly means “change (into)”.

Physical matter is energy in a state of vibration that interacts with our senses.

Transmutation, through various techniques, changes physical form through changing its vibration.

Commonly it is understood as happening instantly, or very quickly, for example when Jesus is reported to change wine into water. This can seem miraculous or literally incredible to us, because in our dimension and ordinary state of consciousness there is usually a considerable time lag for this operation.

But let’s think about this.

Can you change your body into being more muscular, or fatter, or healthier, or basically just about anything? Yes. By what we think of usual means for this (changing diet, working out etc.) it just takes time and lots of effort. But this is transmutation, with a huge time lag, and impeded by limited beliefs.

It happens much faster on the mental (thought) and astral (emotional) planes. Most initiates of magic learn early on to change their thoughts and emotions. At some point it becomes very easy to change your emotional state on the spot, and through different ways change that of other’s as well (this can be simple: often it’s enough just to be happy yourself to make others happy as well). This also changes their physical form; think of a sad human being and compare it to a happy human being. This is transmutation, happening much quicker and visible to the five senses.

It takes more practice and a vastly expanded belief system to, for example, change lead into gold within seconds:

1. You have to get used to connecting to the consciousness of the object of attention, and the nature of its thoughts and emotions. Metal spends its time in the company of astra-mental beings that we as humans are not usually in close (conscious) contact with.

2. You need to practice some technique that allows you to change the vibrational state of the object. This practice often also takes care of:

3. You need to have a belief system where these things are actually possible. A good practice routine will lead you to this in small steps. For example in Franz Bardon’s first book he makes you breathe the Elements first, then condense them in your body, then condense them into arbitrary shapes, then makes you heat up or cool down a room, then light an alcohol-infused cotton ball, then a candle. This is incredibly smart and effective. Step by step we learn not only *how*, but also *that* these things are possible.

What is commonly termed Ascension is the process of transmutation of one’s own vibration to take on more refined and consciously aware states.

If you’re looking for exercises that will help you develop these abilities through the Elements, check out Franz Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics. In Step 3 you start with breathing the Elements (to which you’ve already built a foundational relationship through the soul mirror work of Steps 1 and 2), leading up to the exercises of Step 5 in which the goal is to light a candle flame.

There are also spirits in Bardon’s second book, The Practice of Magical Evocation, that are Master Teachers of Transmutation, for example the Angels of TABBATA, 10 Leo.

I hope that this sheds some light on the subject; as usual I welcome any questions on this and other topics.

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