Updates, and introducing charity donations

I have a wealth of ideas waiting for me to write about them or work on them, but times are busy and I don’t know when I’ll get to them or which one I’ll do first.

For now I’ve decided to change the way I am handling donations and affiliate commissions. It feels good and proper to me to get financial rewards in this way, but at the same time I’m doing what I do out of love and do not need to be compensated directly in material fashion.

So from now on I will donate 100% of the money coming in via affiliate commissions or direct donations from this site to charities. πŸ™‚

I will also donate 5% of any money I make with my readings or spiritual counseling to charities.

Here’s one charity organization that takes care of animals in Southern Europe called “respekTiere” (“RespectAnimals”) and which is a prime choice for the donations: https://www.facebook.com/respekTiere.eV/

Let me know what you think about this. πŸ™‚

Moon Spells, by Diane Ahlquist: an index by moon phase


Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist is an excellent book about Moon Magic that is very much in line with the lauded works of Scott Cunningham. I intend to review it at some point in time, but for now I wish to share with you an index of the book’s spells, sorted by moon phase. This is something that is not part of the book. I often find myself wanting to know what spells I can cast in the current and upcoming moon phases. Continue reading “Moon Spells, by Diane Ahlquist: an index by moon phase”

Elemental Magic and the Cosmic Letters


I have been intensely inspired by the Hermetic spirits of the Earth Zone to write about the laws of creation of realities, and two approaches to use them. Conscious Creation according to the will is the aim of all Magic. Creation and Attraction are two sides of the same coin, the electric and magnetic poles of Unity. This post explains two techniques to create consciously through the laws of analogy. Continue reading “Elemental Magic and the Cosmic Letters”

Arbatel: Concerning the Magic of Ancients

Seven are the governors or different functions of the Olympics, which God has instituted for taking care of all that happens in this world. Their visible stars are ARATRON, BETHOR, PHALEG, OCH, HAGITH, OPHIEL and PHUL, in the Olympic language. In addition each one of these has under them manifold forces of the Heavens. (Arbatel, Aphorism 16, translated by me)

Arbatel: De Magia Veterum is a 16th century European mystical text, likely published by Peter Perna in Basel, Switzerland. It is what most people would call a grimoire, which means a catalog of spirits along with instructions on how to contact and work with them successfully. Continue reading “Arbatel: Concerning the Magic of Ancients”

Phul, Shield of the Moon


PHULΒ likes this character:

They transmute all metals into Silver, in word and deed: they steer Lunar matters. They heal swellings from water. They give Water spirits, which manifest in corporeal and visible form (i.e. on the physical plane, BM). They make one live 300 years.

On the day and in the hour of the Moon, I prepare a list of topics to talk about with Phul, the Olympic governor of all things Lunar.

After calling to him in the manner that I outlined in my previous posts, a sensation of flowing enters my consciousness. A reverberating voice talks to me; its points of origin and reflection seem to be in many places at once. Imagine a room with walls like an insect’s eye, where all sounds that you make instantly bounce off a multitude of walls.

They are constantly moving, tending to things. They are the mediator of all things happening on this planet. Subtle but powerful, they are the Great Transmuter.

I ask what their condition at this point in time is. They reply that humanity has huge issues in its relationship to the Divine Feminine. People are out of touch with nature, with their intuition and with rhythm in all its expressions. We poison our waters and the beings dwelling in them, and thereby our emotions and health.

Infused with their nature I feel and make flowing and swaying movements, like a reed in the wind. Dancing and music are Phul’s province.

My conversation with them is somewhat foggy; the answers are clear, but it’s somewhat hard to follow my agenda and clearly separate the topics. Phul just wants one to go with the flow.

I ask for them to show themselves to me. Imagine Phul as a hooded figure in long flowing robes of a dark-bluish color, tinted black by a night sky. You cannot see their face. They are standing on a crenellated heavy stone wall. A thunderstorm is raging, sending a flooding rain through the air, borne on strong gusts of wind. There are multiple moons in the sky above and behind the figure, arranged in the pattern of a horizontal crescent, its apex high in the sky. Leftmost is the new moon, waxing towards the shining full moon in the middle. Rightmost is the next dark moon.

At the end they vanish in a blinding flash of Astral Light.

Thank you for reading. As always, I appreciate your comments and encourage you to have your own personal experience with this spirit.

Please consider doing something to help water creatures and bodies of water.

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