Thousand-Handed Guan Yin
Thousand-Handed Guan Yin, a Buddhist and Chinese folk goddess. Multiple pairs of hands symbolize power and wisdom.

In this post I would like to talk about magical, spiritual or mystical faculties, also called Siddhis by practitioners of certain Eastern systems, in modern terms. I hope you will not find the text too dense or hard to grasp. I would be grateful for any suggestions on how to word things better. Questions are also fair game! 🙂

Here we go.

Our expansion (vibrational heightening) of consciousness, happening in every moment, enables us to develop mystical faculties. We create experiences with mental, emotional and physical consequences, and perceive both the experiential result, as well as the process of creation as it happens. Then we can choose to move on or stay with experiences of this kind. Mystical and spiritual practices, like meditations of any kind, create awareness and thus choice, and gives us the courage to move on to a level of consciousness beyond these experiences. This can also be called an acceleration of the process of integration of experiences.

And mystical faculties, or spells, are just a natural consequence, or part, of this expansion of consciousness. For example, becoming more aware of the properties and workings of the mind and thought-forms, as well as the ability to connect with others beings on a deep level, naturally leads to a certain level of telepathic skill. Which in turn, for example, benefits the faculty of communication with animals.

Developing a stronger will by learning discipline, for example by postponing or not acting out unwanted behaviors.

It also furthers concentration, which is essential for, yes indeed the same thing as, prolonged focus on anything.

And a stronger focus creates more subjective time, more awareness, more ability.

Time dilation and constriction become possible. I think that most people got a clear test drive of this experience by smoking weed. But it is also readily recognizable in daily experience: often when we do something that we don’t like, time seems to prolong. Contrariwise, when we are having immense fun, time just seems to fly by. So perception of time (which is all that time is, of course) is linked to emotion. By changing our emotions with focused intent, we can change the way our reality works. Which is all that matters, because their is nothing outside of each person’s reality! 🙂

Another place to observe this are the magnetic spells of attraction and fascination, much desired by pick-up artists, amateur seducers and sex workers. Let’s mix in some astrology to illustrate: Libran desire for beauty makes you find ways to look younger, healthier, cleaner and fitter, all qualities of the sign of the scales, the epitome of harmony. It does this by working on the mental and, in consequence, emotional levels. Some people call it an initiation into the mysteries of a certain practice. It is like learning a new practical skill, let’s say playing an instrument. Just by spending time and focusing on a thing we make it grow in our awareness. Literally. Let’s get back to our Libra example: the root meaning (sometimes called) of Libra is integrated to a higher degree into our mental awareness by gathering information through imagination, ritual, reading, becoming still or other practices. As a consequence, we “get a better feel” of Libran qualities (manifestation trickles down from mental to astral). Eventually, this enables us to deal better with them on the physical plane, when we use our bodies. A person just starting out to play guitar doesn’t know where to put their hands or how to press down a string properly. A virtuoso guitarist, on the other end of the spectrum, moves his fingers faster than the eye can see. Some people are born with certain faculties (like being sociable, or having a knack for music), others have to work harder to gain them.

In the bird’s eye view, these Libran gifts make us want to be refined, harmony-seeking, art-loving, diplomatic. And all that hopefully without becoming superficial! So we become a more “Libra-like” person, or put another way, we have a higher command of the sign’s essence. More people will like us, because we embody harmony and attraction.

If you would like to know more about spiritual faculties and how to learn them, please check out this Yahoo! Group:

In the spiritual system that these posts are based on, there are 360 positive and 360 negative genii (or spirits), each one assigned to one degree of the zodiac and being responsible for a certain field of spiritual expertise. By calling them into our awareness through prayer, ritual, hypnosis or other meditation, they become our constant companions, and provide a mental influx to our consciousness that will serve as a seed for integrating this field of expertise.

All spirits can be worked with in this general manner. The mental, emotional (or intuitive) and physical actions/states necessary for facilitating this communication could be things like prayer, devotion, a “pact”, or connecting with them via a meditative state. Which one is best depends on the person and the spirit, as well as on the time and present-moment-atmosphere.

I would like to add that there are positive as well as negative spirits and faculties. Threatening energies create fear in other beings. Loving energies create confidence and mutual love. You get what you give (and a good lot more).

I counsel patience in the development of mystical faculties. When starting a practice of any kind, it often requires time to see notable results, and some things are accompanied by a radical change in the person’s view on life, and ultimately in their life as well. Though in these times everything seems to be accelerated, and your beliefs play a large part as well!

Namaste. Be well.

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