Over the years I’ve noticed that a lot of human folks on this planet are easily affected by glamours. I’m not saying I’m not, but I do believe I have been blessed with a certain amount of innate resistance, or protection, against them.

Other human beings will dazzle you with their money, power, looks (whether artificial or natural) or talents. A funny hat or uniform can be enough, or some deftly applied make-up.

Spirits will leave many of you in awe just by making contact with you. Same for extra-terrestrials.

Some of the oftentimes debilitating consequences: respect and admiration where none is due, mindless deference to authority, paralyzing shock and awe, neglect of one’s own power, and ignorance of people who have enormous substance but little glamour.

I want you and me, as practitioners of magic and plain human beings, to see these things as what they really are. They are powerful glamour spells, sometimes cast deliberately and sometimes unwittingly.

But, and here’s the real secret which I already gave away, in the end they’re just people. Yep, even aliens and spirits. They’re just people. I don’t care whether you dwell in the Ethereal 7th Dimension of Bliss, started your journey on Alpha Draconis, work as a fashion model, acted in popular movies, “possess” billions of currency, or if you’re able to kill people with a flip of your wrist. Sure, at some level I do care. It’s better not to anger a person who has your life in their hands. But that doesn’t change what I’m saying here. They are one form of the Great Spirit that is in every one of us. And no form is better or worse when seen through the eyes of spirit.

Embrace your own glory. Strengthen your natural clairvoyant senses to penetrate any glamours cast at you, so that you might consciously make the decision to enjoy them or protect yourself against them, or whatever else your inner guidance might suggest.

They’re just people. It’s time to wake up.

Thanks for reading.

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