2 thoughts on “Edgar A. Ostrander: Through The Barrier

  1. Hey blue, I will use this PDF to create an Audio book with color scans of the codex. I have never created a PDF before, How long would it take and would you be willing to create another one If I purchased Edgar’s 1983 book? I believe he only wrote the two books. And Im sure his later book is amazing..


  2. Just read some of your page about creating the Energy Wheel from your spirit. I dont know your east ways but, I do keep a spinning silver thing in my head to swing off thoughts of the mind. I also put my self into R.E.M. as awake as possible and melt my form, turn my feelings into a liquid then pull it back together. I will also explode into digits, stop the mid air and pull them back into form, keepoing track of as many parts of me as possible. I will also put my observation point from not only my self in the vision or a room or temple but then My sense of self slips into the walls, floows and I then observe my self as an observer inside my architecture feeling its foot stepping on my tile skin, As I feel the soul of the foot of the other me. As I push the idea more I will visualize my feeling as a cog of gems, spinning and making a sound, a tone and I will be each to ones own observers inside a complete thing. My cogs will turn different ways. Perhaps then Ill try text book Merkaba.. But interesting stuff, It sounds a lot like what you write this Spirit Wheel.. Is that what I have been doing? I simply feel that I am preparing to hold my unformed self into form after the loss of this flesh. It seems a fairly obvious practice to avoid being an infant when tribulations of evil jackyl headed masters seek to judge me. Or fool me into a belief of judgement so I reincarnate into their slaves.. Sadly for the shadows, Ill be ready to pave my own path. Eastern wisdom I would follow. Perhaps I aught to read the eastern book of the dead..


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