I have been intensely inspired by the Hermetic spirits of the Earth Zone to write about the laws of creation of realities, and two approaches to use them. Conscious Creation according to the will is the aim of all Magic. Creation and Attraction are two sides of the same coin, the electric and magnetic poles of Unity. This post explains two techniques to create consciously through the laws of analogy.

Creation through the elements is explained in Franz Bardon’s first book, Initiation Into Hermetics. Creation through the Cosmic Language is the subject of his third book, Key to the True Quabbalah. I sincerely hope that this piece of writing will prove useful to someone, not necessarily just students of Franz Bardon or the Hermetic arts, but anyone interested in this system of Conscious Creation.

This writing is in a large part channeled directly from the spirits of the Earth Zone. In the parts that were left to me I have tried my best to find words that evoke clarity in you, the reader. I trust that, through the workings of Divine Providence, this writing will reach all who are able to benefit from it. You can find out more about the 384 principal spirits of the Zone Girdling the Earth and their teachings at Cosmic Language Angel Messages and in Franz Bardon’s second book, The Practice of Magical Evocation.

Mastery of Faith and Desire brings about Mastery of the Fire Element.

Faith here means a deeply-ingrained faith in that what we want to create/attract *will* comes about, no matter what. Faith is necessary to stay on the path of realizing the new reality in great clarity and splendor; if Doubt, the opposite of Faith, is present to some extent, the new realities will not reflect the original desire, because some parts of them have been attracted by Doubt.

Here’s an example. Let’s say that one has mastery over the other three elements, but there is some doubt in the operation. The very subtle vibrations of doubt (Negative Fire) create subtle matching thoughts (Negative Air), which in turn creates more dense emotions (Negative Water), which eventually attract physical realities reflecting that doubt (Negative Earth). That means if we wish for a flower that is 18 foot high and sprouts to that height right in front of our eyes within seconds, but we have serious doubts about this happening (most of us have!), then the resulting flower might come into existence, but it will take longer to grow and will not be that high.

It takes courage (Fire), which leads to experience (Air), and the subsequence integration (Water), which in turn leads to deep-in-the-bone knowledge/faith that it is possible to create/attract a certain reality. This is a process that in most people is slow in the beginning but then picks up speed. These times of the Alpha and the Omega, long awaited, are especially suitable for a fast-track initiation into the mysteries of creation.

The spirits of the Fire element are called Salamanders. Every spark of intent is one of these beings.

Mastery of Thought and Visualization brings about Mastery of the Air Element.

Here our original essential meaning has to make it whole through the mental plane. If the thoughts that are harmonious with our original intent are pure, that means not accompanied by other thoughts that are inharmonious, then they will match the original intent. Of course here we have the same mechanism at work that we explored in the previous section on the Fire element. So the ratio and nature (quantity and quality) of harmonious and inharmonious thoughts determine the distortions of the original vibration. Often these thoughts have what we call associations, by which other thoughts are attracted. These associations are unconscious unless a person has reached a degree of maturity that allows him to observe and recognize them. Once knowledge of these associations is gained, they can then be modified to match the will of the person. For example, a person might feel happy when thinking of another person. a positive trait. So thoughts of this other person are liable to trigger thoughts of happiness. a person using meditation as a tool of introspection can observe and transmute these workings of the mind and thus increase their control of the mental plane (the realm of the Air element).

The spirits of the Air element are called Sylphs. Every thought is one of these beings.

Mastery of Emotion leads to Mastery of the Water Element.

The thoughts of happiness mentioned above then turn into emotions of happiness (that means they manifest on the astral plane). This happens by way of the astra-mental matrix which again determines the resulting purity of emotion. Again, a person using meditation as a tool of introspection can observe and transmute the workings of these pathways, eventually producing a pure channel for thoughts of happiness to stay pure and then become pure emotions of happiness. Emotions are then the final link of the chain that attracts matching new realities. Pure happy emotions attract happy realities.

The spirits of the Water element are called Undines. Every emotion is one of these beings.

Mastery of Sensation leads to Mastery of the Earth Element.

Mastery over the pathways of our five senses (sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching), of memory and of logic enables control over the realm of the Earth element which contains the blueprints of the physical plane in the microcosm that will eventually manifest in the macrocosm. Ideally we must see, hear, smell, taste and touch the snowstorm in perfect fidelity and find a logic (cause/effect) way of explaining its coming into existence. The latter is a matter of our beliefs about reality and its workings. If we have deep-in-the-bone faith in a certain cause/effect relation then it is a viable pathway for the new realities to manifest out of the causes that are present in ourselves. Only when these requirements are met will the reality manifest properly as intended.

The spirits of the Earth element are called Gnomes. Every physical sensation is one of these beings.

The Cosmic Language

A creative system like the Cosmic Language (Franz Bardon’s Key to the True Quabbalah) links our creative intent (Fire) to Thoughts/Colors/Letters (Air), Emotions/Sounds (Water) and Sensations (Earth) to provide a systematic approach to bring about specific realities. For example, if we wish to create/attract realities that contain the Divine Virtue of Enlightenment in a specific form, then we can use the Cosmic Letter system to utter the matching letter “A” along with its original idea (meditation, through mental attraction, brings about increasingly pure ideas of enlightenment and all other virtues), creative emotions of how enlightenment feels (again these are found through meditation) and elemental sensations (seeing a specific color, hearing a specific sound and feeling a sensation of either warmth (Fire), coolness (Water), weightlessness (Air) or weight (Earth). Over time our practice/experience of the letters creates a belief system that works incredibly well for creating our reality. Letters can be mixed. They can be made to manifest directly on specific planes by giving the letter’s state of consciousness a duration (mental plane), a form (astral plane) or both duration and form (physical plane).

A person can either use the Cosmic Language, or a more free-form manipulation of the elements to create their reality. Oftentimes one leads to the other, and they work in tandem.

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