OCH governs solar things; they give 600 years, along with a strong constitution; they bestow wisdom, give most excellent Spirits, teach perfect Medicine: they convert all things into purest gold and precious stones: they give gold, and a purse bringing forth gold. Magicians who are dignified with Och’s Character, Och makes them to be worshipped as a god of the heavens by kings all over the world.

They have under them 36,536 Legions: alone they manage everything: and all their spirits serve them throughout the centuries.

On Sunday in the hour of the Sun, I am inviting the Olympic spirit of Och to talk to me.

Instead of my usual pencil I am inspired to dig out a fancy golden pencil with glitter in it. I draw their sigil with it. It’s impressive.

Och appears quickly as a person in golden armor, against a backdrop of golden light emanating from a central source behind them. I perceive a male presence, but I could be easily deceived by a preconceived notion that people in armor must be men. Reflecting upon this now, I think that Och and the Sun just have different aspects, for example: as Light they have no gender association. His radiant power is male, her nurturing aspect is female. So that’s why it can be easily confusing to us humans.

They grant familiars readily for the things they are asked to help with. They are friendly to humans.

Pure radiance is their infusion.

As I’m writing this blog post Och inspires me that the Roman sun god Sol Invictus (pictured above on a coin) matches their personality closely and is a suitable symbol to work with them.

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One thought on “Och, Splendor of the Sun

  1. Hey! ” In response to one of my requests,
    they reveal to me a unique method to
    achieve things by their light. I am
    allowed and happy to share this, but
    only upon your personal request
    (very solar in a way if you think
    about it).” please do unveil it to me. email: kunlunxx @ gmail


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