OPHIEL is the governor of everything Mercurial; their Character is such:

Their Spirits reach 100,000 Legions: they give Familiar Spirits most easily: they teach all arts: and Magicians that are dignified with Ophiel’s character are empowered to instantly transmute Quicksilver into the Philosophers Stone.

On the day of Mercury, in the mid-day hour of Mercury, I summon Ophiel from the Arbatel for the first time.

A quick grounding/banishing is done. This for me basically consists of getting still in my three bodies and loading myself with the divine attributes of the four elements. It takes around 25 seconds.

I light an incense stick of Sandalwood for Mercury, as I don’t have time for lighting a coal and burning incense.

I meditate on the significance of Ophiel’s sigil for a minute or two, then proceed to draw it in my magical notebook/grimoire. When I finish I instantly feel a presence infusing me and the room. It feels very electric, in a truly mercurial sort of way. Perhaps it is usually even stronger, only at the time of this working, Mercury is in Taurus.

We talk about my desires and requests and I finished the session.

I liked the experience and will continue to work with Ophiel in the future. I did not feel any desire to listen for “spoken” responses. I felt Ophiel listening intently throughout. They are willing to help me as permitted to them.

That sums it up, a quick report of a quick summoning. Feel free to ask questions.

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