HAGITH governs the Venereal. Whoever is dignified with their character, they make most beautiful, and adorned with all grace. They instantly turn copper into gold, and gold back into copper. They give spirits which will faithfully serve those to whom they are appointed.

They have 4,000 legions of spirits, and for every thousand they put in charge rulers for the appointed times.

On the day of Venus, in the hour of Venus, I grab Peterson’s version of the Arbatel (for the sigil) and my magic notebook and go on my balcony. Some time prior I had thought about what to talk about. My main aim is just to say “hello”, this being, to my knowledge, our first conversation.
I select and light a stick of Patchouly incense and sat down on my balcony in a deck chair. I check my astra-mental condition and decide I do not need to change it. I draw the sigil from the book with pencil in my notebook, repeating their name a couple of times mentally, and again, as with Ophiel, a channel was established pretty much instantly.

Here’s what I remember from our conversation and my perceptions:

They are neither female nor male as we understand it. But their qualities are leaning towards the female and magnetic side, as you would expect from a Venus spirit.

They have a smooth and relaxed personality.

Their relationship to Mercury/Ophiel: it is a comfortable and compatible one, though not passionate. They are never very far from each other in their transitory alignments (i.e. in their journey around the zodiac).

Upon my request they infused me with a suitably sized portion of their personality.

The whole conversation was highly amiable and pleasant.

Interestingly enough the channel stayed open afterwards in the hour of Mercury, as I went outside to run some errands:

In the supermarket they played a song, and I was pretty much instantly told by Hagith that they put it on for me since it matches their character. It was “Dreadlock Holiday” by 10cc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUNTk5xsxk4

They told me that Venus is very, very powerful in Taurus (reminder: it’s about to enter Taurus in roughly 10 days).

Now for the most interesting part. They encourage everyone to talk to them (and then possibly about them), even if it’s just for a couple of minutes to say hello. You do not need any special equipment or ritual, just the name and sigil, and pencil and paper. Incense is good and nice, but not necessary. It’s best, but not necessary, to do it on a Friday in the hour of Venus (check here: http://www.lunarium.co.uk/planets/hours.jsp ) as it will make contact easier.

You don’t need the Arbatel text, just the sigil:


Instructions in sequence, summed up:

  1. Think about what you want to ask or say. Think about what you associate with Venus (brush up on your knowledge on the net or in books as needed). [optional]
  2. Light some incense associated with Venus (e.g. Patchouly, Jasmine, Vanilla) [optional]
  3. Find and choose an appropriate time (day and/or hour of Venus, link to calculator website above) [optional]
  4. Get somewhere comfortable and quiet. Listen to inner guidance.
  5. Check whether you’re relaxed in mind and body. If not, take steps to get there (e.g. take some conscious breaths).
  6. Memorize the sigil, print it out or draw it by hand on a piece of paper so you can copy it in the next step.
  7. Slowly draw their sigil in a notebook or a piece of paper, calling out the name “Hagith” in your mind.
  8. Observe what happens in your body and mind. For example, you might feel an energy in your body or room that hasn’t been there before.

If you are reading this post that means you’re qualified and able to do this.

If you do this then it would be nice to hear about your experiences afterwards.


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6 thoughts on “A message from Hagith to you

    1. Rafael, I thought people would never ask, lol! So thanks for that, you are both smart and vocal. 😀

      There are actually, by way of a curious but convenient coincidence in the English, two reasons for that.

      The first is that these spirits, like everything in existence, are of a fractal nature. They are spirit collectives, consisting of an assortment of constituent spirits that make up the whole. So “they” here means plural.

      The other is that I try to avoid mirroring the usual preconceptions imposed upon the reader by the literature, like assuming that a spirit is by default of a masculine nature, whereas a lot of the time they are not, or appear as different genders to different people. And the traditional neutral pronoun in English is “they”, unless one wants to resort to a clumsier “he/she” or something similar.

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      1. Hmm … I see, btw I tried this method to contact Hagith but unfortunately, I’m probably too newbie for that work for me, my psychic senses are really lame but I admit that for some reason I was a little scared for some reason.


  1. Thank you for laying out the whole ritual in organized steps. I found it very helpful. I am having this post- christian syndrome of guilt and fear, to overcome. And i found it incredibly helpful that you laid out ritual manual like this. It seemed simple enough but was powerful. With manual like that no need to worry of offending the spirit of forgetting something in the process. I could feel energy shift and glow, like descending light, oh it was beautiful. Thank you very much.


  2. *It isn’t ritual. The initial initiation is courage.


    Life and peace is Venus, courage is the step to paradise. The engine that could. Being human is divine. No higher live than humanity. Courage is no other choice but life.


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